HS Intro and Diagnostic Test
October 27, 2017
Name of Parent/Guardian: *

Teaching-Parent/ Guardian is required to attend the orientation.
Will attend HS Intro *

HS Intro is Php 500.00 per family
Please sign up for attendance and pay the fee at the welcome table.

Child will take the Diagnostic Test *

Diagnostic Test is required for all incoming WCFS (Pure US Accreditation) Grade 1 to Highschool students. Diagnostic Test is Php 1,200.00 per student. Valid until March 2018 only.
Please list any special needs or developmental concerns (speech, hearing, reading, etc.) *

If the child has proven to have special needs or learning difficulties, our staff has the right to deny them of the Diagnostic Test. Diagnostic Test fee is NOT refundable.
Total number of children taking the Diagnostic Test *

Important reminder:
There is an age restriction for accepting children for K2 and Grade 1.They must be 5 years old for Kindergarten, or 6 years old  for Grade 1 on or before August 31, 2017. Please check with IJ for details by phone at 234-0432 or 09178008257 before registering.

Name and Grade Level of First Child: *

Name and Grade Level of Second Child:

Name and Grade Level of Third Child:

Name and Grade Level of Fourth Child:

For incoming Grade 1 students:
Can your child read phrases and understand sentences?

Contact Number: *

City/Province *

Is your child in Kinder level? *

We require the child to be 4 years old before June 1 to enter Kinder 1 and 5 years old before June 1 to enter Kinder 2.

Your main reason why you are considering homeschool: *

Where did you first learn about our program? *

Thank you {{answer_LiChWELgxCeH}} for taking the time to register. Payment is on the day. Registration starts at 7:30AM. See you!
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